The founders of Caring Soul is a married couple who wish to impart good values to the young. The founders have no intention to raise any funds from this outfit and will not accept any form of donations.
The organization has a blessed commencement in the form of the relentless support of a kind hearted soul who is prepared to fund its activities.

Caring Soul would however love to receive applications from individuals who wish to participate in its program.
Programs organized by Caring Soul is not financially intensive and therefore do not require funding. The organization operates on the principle that voluntary and charity work is not about giving what you do not want. Neither is it about giving away your excesses.
Caring Soul rather believes that giving away what is most valuable to you is the greatest gift of all. And your most precious asset is your time.
It is along this premise that Caring Soul hope to recruit volunteers to offer their valuable time to participate in its programs of offering charitable services to the needy.


It all started in 2005 for the founding couple of Caring Soul. While the husband went about to earn a living, the wife with her spouse's encouragement, decided to make her time more fruitful.
She wanted to take part in some voluntary services but did not know how to go about it. It was rather odd and unbelievable to start knocking on doors.
An opportunity came when she got to know some Japanese friends from an English class she attended. What started as a social gathering with her new found friends later led her to meet more of their kind who were here while their husbands were working in reputable multinational organizations.
Some of these wives together with the support and leadership of their embassies were involved in providing services to some selected charities.
After joining the group, she discovered that she derived a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment in bringing some form of cheers and smiles to the needy.
Just spending time talking to some spastic children brought smiles to their faces and this has lit up her life tremendously, bringing in a totally new meaning to an otherwise boring routine.
Seeing her wife enjoying such voluntary work also brought immense pleasure to the husband. So much so that on one occasion while the husband was having his haircut with his regular barber, he managed to connect the wife with the hairdresser who have since made regular and constant visits to several old folks homes and orphanages to offer free haircut to these group of people.
It is not about the free haircut but rather the interesting time they have in connecting with the old folks and orphans by engaging them in meaningful conversations during the routine.
The old folks, in particular look forward to their visits, not because of the haircut but because of their company and the conversations they brought with them.
Credos go to the hairstylist who utilizes her off days to perform such charitable act without fail for years.
It is indeed not difficult for many to do some form of charity but it is not easy to find someone who has the love and above all the consistency to do it over a long period of time.
This is what Caring Soul aims to achieve - to be able to form a core team of volunteers that embraces voluntary and charity work on a consistent basis over a prolong period.