A story about lost values

The founding couple of Caring Soul used to own a three-bedroom 1,200 sf condominium that came with a swimming pool, located just about 5 minutes walk to a local university.
Several years ago, the couple came up with the idea of offering the condominium free of rental to deserving and needy students of the local university.
A meeting was set up with the university's principal and it was agreed that the university will have the sole prerogative to determine the needy students who can benefit from it.
The scheme came about because the couple believed that there must be some hardworking and poor parents out there struggling to make ends meet while fulfilling the education requirements of their children. They believed that some of these students were from another state and by offering them free accommodation, it will helped alleviate some of their parents' financial burden.
The couple also believed that there must be some matured young students out there who will have the sound values of understanding and appreciating the plight of their parents.
But alas, when this scheme was introduced to the campus, there was absolutely zero students applying for it after almost a year.
What a shame ! Where has the fundamental value of caring gone to? Don't the young care about the plight of their parents anymore ? Why do they still have to pay for their accommodation by renting elsewhere when free accommodation was offered ?
Was it because of the inconvenience 5 minutes walk to the campus ? Was it because it means having to share rooms with someone they don't know ? Was it because they were afraid of friends laughing at them ? Or was it simply because the free accommodation came with regulations that they did not wish to follow?
The values of caring is fast diminishing. Caring is not just about charity work. It is about having the inner attitude of always caring for the interest of other party, whether the other party is a parent, a sibling, a boss, a subordinate, a colleague, a spouse, a friend, a relative or simply someone else.
It is with this in mind that Caring Soul hope to instill these caring values into the young by opening up their eyes to the real relentless effort and sacrifices made by volunteers performing voluntary work at charitable organisations in a consistent manner.
The eventual field trips to be organised by Caring Soul is not just about sending the young to witness such events but to give them a debrief after each visit including asking them to write or speak up on their thoughts with regard to what they have seen.