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About Caring Soul

Caring Soul is a newly formed outfit aimed primarily at instilling and inculcating decent values among the young so that they will in turn do the same with others, henceforth creating a network of valued based citizens that hope to provide a good balance to society.

It will attempt to achieve this by firstly bringing together individual volunteers to provide services to selected charitable homes in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur and parts of Klang Valley.

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Caring Soul is aware that there are many kind hearted individuals who want to perform such voluntary services but are not aware of how to go about it. The organisation desires to act as a platform to fill this void.

Having achieved a pool of volunteers, the number of which will be limited for qualitative reasons, some charitable organizations will be approached to be provided with some selected services.

When Caring Soul succeed in bringing these two parties together and once the project spin off, Caring Soul will embark onto its next phase.

The next phase comprise organizing field trips for young children between the ages of 8 and 15 to visit and witness for themselves the voluntary services performed at these charitable homes.

The objectives of this field trips are several folds:-
1. To open up the eyes of the young to the plight faced by the less fortunate
2. To enable the young to be appreciative and count their blessings for what they already have
3. To instill and inculcate into the young a set of sound values of offering their time for voluntary services


Caring Soul intends to keep its outfit small. The sole aim is to create a core team that comprise members who are not only committed but above all have the consistency to volunteer for these services.

It is therefore imperative that volunteers have to fill up a registration form in which his/her particulars will be vetted to ensure compliance.

Volunteers must fulfill the following criteria :-

1. Working adult with a regular income
2. Homemakers who are financially independent and have the time to spare
3. Physically fit with the ability to perform menial task
4. Literates who can understand either English or Chinese
5. Able to take leave from the company from time to time
6. Most importantly, have sound values and a caring heart

In view of this, all applicants' particulars may be sent to the relevant authorities that have the capabilities to verify the character of the applicant.